Growing up in Ohio gives you two things: the appreciation of small things and the dream to explore. When I go to a new place, I want to know the people and their stories.

I can only show you what makes Ohio important to me in the seemingly insignificant details. A park bench, a house built the same as three doors down, a rusty van; each of these settings holds a story. So, it's through the appreciation of easily overlooked beauty that I hope to learn the stories of the places I visit. 

I left Ohio in 2021. This site features the places I've wandered to since then. Each picture captures a moment I felt like I knew that part of the world a little better. Whether you've seen the places recorded here or want to see them, I hope these collections bring you closer to the beautiful world around you.
Andrew is a third-year student at Northeastern University. He has spent significant time in BostonGeneva, and Martha's Vineyard since leaving Cincinnati.
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